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Fraser Teacher's of the Year
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Friday, July 07, 2017
Fraser Teachers of the Year
Fraser Teachers of the Year

Mrs. Kristin Tetzner and Mrs. Gina Nelson were honored last month at the End-of-the-Year Staff Celebration as Washburn's Fraser Teachers of the Year.  Each year staff members are nominated by other staff to receive the prestigious award.  This year Mrs. Tetzner won as the MS/HS representative for the outstanding work she does in and out of the classroom.  Mrs. Tetzner truly instills a passion for art in her students and pushes her students to become global citizens, as mentioned in the district’s mission statement. Mrs. Nelson received the award as the representative of 4K-12 Special Services.  Mrs. Nelson goes above and beyond to make sure her students are succeeding and are ready for their next step in life and in their education.  Her door is always open and she is always willing to help any student or staff member in need.  Both of these women are known for their positive attitude and general caring nature towards all students and staff.  Congratulations to both Mrs. Tetzner and Mrs. Nelson on your well-deserved award.   

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